The view from wooooooooo hooooooooooo.

Acash Awchat, the official baby of brandarms found this fascinating counter on the web. Think of it as a view of the web with the kind of omniscience that God sees Earth.
Now think India .... the second-most populous country on Earth with 150 million Indians connected and 100 million connecting every year on the mobile. Add that to the fact that India is the world's second biggest market for used (and stolen) smartphones ... and you are looking at a 'reach potential' that is mindboggling. If you are in the mood for startling facts, here is one: facebook is the third most populous country on Earth and Indians comprise the second largest country on facebook. In fact, in November of 2013, it was reported that Indians would OVERTAKE the US as facebook's largest market. At brandarms we love astonishing our clients with how much can be achieved with a well thought-out website nicely co-ordinated with a knowing and inspired use of social media.

Click the animation to open the full version (via http://pennystocks.la).

Speaking of which, virality is the key. When we got new email addresses for all of us at brandarms, we just plain manufactured this newspaper article and posted it on facebook.
It got hundreds of likes and thousands of views, and only 2 individuals cottoned on. Congratulations flooded in so much we panicked and pulled it off ourselves.
Put it all down to the power of an idea.

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