What is the cost of the saving?

As it appears, the cost of installing a safety system that transmits LIVE data from an airborne plane is a mere US$100,000. It is a one time cost. It amounts to somewhere around 1% of the cost of an A320. Maybe 5% of the cost of a 777.

Given the robust noises the aviation industry makes about the safety of flight (and all of the facts are absolutely true) you would think that the airlines would have jumped at this opportunity and installed the marvel?

The technology has been around for more than 3 years, and only one regional Canadian airline has installed it in its aircraft.

Besides the cost, the other reason is that planes simply don’t disappear so often. The first Malaysian Airlines plane’s reason for vanishing is unknown, the second was shot down and the Air Asia plane flew afoul of a severe tropical thunderstorm.

The one common thing about the first and third loss is the search. Had the aircraft been fitted with this system, the search would have been reduced to a simple operation.

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