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Um …. er ….. boo!

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Corporate Dossier in The Times Of India this morning has an article, ‘Information Overload’ that mentions that a Google study showed that the higher the person in an organisation, the less likely they were to predict whether or not a product would do well. It also says that: ‘Economists carried a survey where it tasked […]

Reaching for a miracle…

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This week’s Economist’s cover story discusses President Barack Obama as ‘the man who could walk on water’ and is now ‘neck deep in it’. A clear reference to Jesus’ walking on water miracle, as the phrase has now come to mean a miraculous ability to do something. Certainly the earlier years of the Obama presidency […]

Houston, do you copy?

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I saw Gravity yesterday, and if you did, you will doubtlessly notice how many times Clooney and Bullock desperately repeat the same words: “Houston, do you copy?” For a copywriter, its difficult to hear that without smiling. Yes, a bit of a stretch, but humor me. Offering social media services to our clients, we’re looking […]