The lady most notable.

I can’t claim to have been knowledgeable about Jayalalitha but now that her life is being recounted I can’t help but notice one thing:
she was born a remarkable individual. Maybe she won’t made a ding in the universe but she most certainly made a massive one in her corner of our world.

To have a mind like hers, to have tasted the fruits and success of her intelligence, and to humbly obey her mother and go into films instead of furthering her dream to be a lawyer, is a mark of an early gallantry towards life.
To have navigated a relationship with a much older man and a powerful professional presence is the second thing we must acknowledge as remarkable. And even in this relationship she was very much her own lady.
To have weathered his disfavor and a ugly campaign to sideline her, and to have persevered ….
To have sat by his head as his body lay in state, and calmly and with dignity bear the cheap, low, mean, ugly and gutter attempts to dislodge her from her chair with pinches, painful physical jabs and stabs, to have sat there in loyalty and grief for two days, is not the kind of strength a simple person can summon.
To have been crudely and publicly pushed off the funeral vehicle, in full sight of the world…
To have been physically humiliated in the legislature and issue a challenge that she would only return as CM ….
and her entire political journey before and after…

This is one human being who lived her life as a tour de force of will and intelligence against overwhelming odds.

I am not all mindful of the recitations of her faults. I’ve voted for worse. Much worse. So have all of us, it now appears.

December 6, 2016

​Leaving on a JET plane!

30 June

Given I have my own facebook JET page, I am a bonafide JET enthusiast, my first international flight with Jet, I think, calls for a blog post. Wallah, habibi, I’m on the 1:55 am Jet flight to Dubai. Jet has 6 flights every single day between Mumbai and Dubai, the most of any airline, and everyone wants to know why I am taking this middle-of-the-night one. The plan is to get into Dubai even before the day starts to make the most of every single moment. I’m not on work so I can get in any time I please and you know human psychology: there is no too early or too late when you are on holiday.

The Jet check-in at Mumbai. All makes for a very nice experience.

Check-in is flawless at the Jet counter in Mumbai’s fabulous airport. I make a surprising discovery: you can ask for a window seat in the Emergency Row at the counter and NOT have to pay for it, provided it is available​ at that moment​
. If you want to guarantee yourself a window seat on the emergency row, you have to book it in advance, for small fee of Rs 100. This was a happy discovery thanks to Rimmu Naqui, the smooth and agreeable officer at Jet Check-in who gave me ​a window seat
and ​charged me nothing for it since it was available. This is a
delightful difference from other airlines that demand ​upto a thousand Rupees
for emergency row seats, ​(among other rows) ​
no matter when you ​request

Rimmu Naqui is with Jet, but on the passenger’s side. Smooth and one more reason to grant Jet my loyalty.

I see my flight’s cabin crew board at the airport. Jet crew look swish with their canary yellow smocks, which is a nice feeling because other airlines haven’t cracked their crew dressage quite like Jet has. I notice a flurry of unobtrusive Jet airport crew activity, including one smart chap who walked to near where I was to doublecheck that the information on the board was right. Come boarding time, we took the bus to the plane, which was parked some distance from the terminal, and very close to the runway as it turned out. Jet craft look twice as pretty at night, ​if you ask me. A
ll aircraft do, ​in fact, ​
but some airlines have actually taken the trouble to mess up the impact of ​their planes
with lackluster livery. ​This
airplane is a 737-800 and ​in tiptop mode
. I’m one of those who check, ​because
I don’t like the sight of shoddy and flaky paint coverups on the fuselage, which you can ​frequently ​
see near the door. When you fly a lot, you tend to notice when an aircraft looks like it has miles on it, and this one is perfect.

Jet is fastidious with the paintwork. A good sign, always.

Jet seats are nice, even though they are exactly what an Economy class seat is all about. OK, I may be biased. Besides, Jet seems to ready its aircraft to a clear standard, and you can plonk yourself into a Jet seat with your eyes closed; I’ve never found a Jet seat that required the ministrations of a second cleanup, so I’m given to sitting in one a tad more confidently.

At 2:30 in the morning, the crew is all immaculate, sunny and energetic. They should be, I know, but there is a way to do it effortlessly and this crew is doing it. ​It is b​
racing just to look at. With my bottom parked happily in my seat, I rummaged in the pocket and found the usual: the very browse-worthy Jet magazine and a smart pair of headphones looking nice and classy with the Jet logo. In Economy, you count every little thing that pleases you as a bonus point​. While
I didn’t plan on watching​ or listening to​
one quick look ​around
confirmed th​at a few seemed quite taken
with this tiny amenity too.

I realise that I am in the wrong seat when a very sweet gentleman says to me: "Sorry Sir my seat." That’s when I remember I ​have got myself this trophy Emergency Row window seat.
I apologise as much as I can and as it turns out ​I make a friend.
As the doors are closed it is obvious that the middle seat is vacant for the flight and my newfound pal in the aisle seat is as pleased as I am with that little bit of elbow room. He uses the space to launch into conversation: He wants me to know he missed the earlier flight and Jet very kindly accommodated him on th​is
one and that he will still make it to an important meeting on time and that there was so much traffic from Vasai he had no choice but to get late and my god how happy he is that it ​all ​
worked out.

The inflight announcement reveals the flight crew are both ladies. My fellow passenger is charmed: "Both pilots ladies! Wah!" he whispers to me. I realise I have a bonafide humsafar for the flight, and ​that ​
he has decided I ​deserve an update on
his every passing thought, and has ​presumed that this
​will bring
me as much delight as it does him.

Meal service begins in earnest the moment the flight levels out. ​I’ve flown enough to
never expect ​any gastronomic delights
in any airline’s Economy Class. Besides, this is the middle of the night. But I’ve carefully called earlier and received confirmation that an Arabic biryani is reserved for me. So I’ve skipped dinner, with plans to ​indulge
. Jet doesn’t stint on meals: the Jet menu offers 25 types of meals, so you can get exactly what you need, be it Cholesterol​-Free,

Jain, Oriental or Continental. Child Meals are also available.​ There is also a
Low Fat ​option, ​
which I should be having, promised my doctor I would be having, and ​most certainly ​

It transpires I am scheduled for a small disappointment: there is no record of my Arabic biryani request and apparently, this flight’s meal service is scheduled to be just a snack. It isn’t the end of the world, and I’m not very hungry, so I’m not put out. But the cabin crew girl is way too concerned, and I tell her I really don’t think it is her fault, and it really doesn’t matter. But the lady has a request to make of me. She wants me to "try" a little snack. I’m not in the mood, but now she looks disappointed, so I humor her and accept the tray. When I peel back the cover, I have to admit the chicken and noodles look inviting enough to merit a taste. When I stopped ‘tasting’, I realise I have wiped off the entire tray! One more point for a cabin crew that got me to accept my meal, and an additional point for a meal that I didn’t return in toto.

Yum enough at 230 am.

Lights soon dimmed for sleep and me and my fellow passenger are in our little pools of light just browsing the magazine. Something small and meaningful now happens, the kind of inventive crew move that displays the finesse of a mature service culture and that Jet meets the mark: the airhostess arrives, smiling broadly, bearing gifts, so to speak, and presents me with a fine plate of cut fruit and a solid block of sinfully fabulous chocolate cake. My missing meal is more than rectified. But she does more​,​
and this is the part that absolutely delights me: because great service doesn’t alienate one passenger when pleasing another, my fellow passenger gets a complimentary plate for himself too. This floors him completely and he looks like he won a jackpot. He is now shooting me grateful glances! He polishes off his treat​ so fast I think he does more justice to it than I am doing. S
oon, with the service cleared, I am beginning to settle into a little nap when my humsafar taps me on my arm. What now? "Verrrrrry good cake," he wants me to know. His delight makes me twice as pleased. In an extremely endearing way, he wants to express some kind of acknowledgement to me that he ended up thoroughly enjoying the unexpected treat and doesn’t know how to say it without suggesting that me not getting the meal I was expecting was certainly worth it!

Unexpected, and totally welcome ‘make nice’ gesture …. very Jet!

I guess it was a smooth flight. I slept like a baby. You can’t give any airline credit for lack of turbulence because turbulence is an air thing and spares no one and rocks your sorry bottom in First as badly as it does in Economy, on any airline, and with all aircraft. But no such discomfort this time and I think the airpocket authorities in the heavens were taking a snooze too .

We arrive on time and happily, its a smooth jaunt out​ of Terminal 1​
. Jet crew at the airport is on the ball, and very world-class.

Tuesday, ​5 July, ​
8 pm DXB

I webcheckin from my hotel in Dubai and realise this gives me a little more Dubai time. With a 5 am flight, ​a webcheck in give you time till
4:00 ​am, ​
so I can treat myself to a little more snooze. I get in a tad early anyway, to make sure I’m on the good side of things.

The JET Counters at Terminal ​1
are businesslike and exactly like the others, but, being as they are in Row 2 and closest to the entry gate, a relief from trekking vast acres of airport real estate.

I am in Business Class for the flight back to Mumbai and it proves to be a clear notch up from the word go. Sukanya, the seniormost supervisor on the shift, is a dream​;​
she doesn’t just tell you a problem, she helps solve it. Problem: my solitary piece of check-in baggage is over the allowed weight for a single piece of baggage, and she guides me on getting a new bag from the shopping section off the departure Hall and checking both in. I have always wondered at the ’32 kg’ check in rule and in conversation Sukanya explains that there is a global stipulation that 32 kgs​.​
is the maximum weight a loader can tote when moving a single bag and Dubai follows it scrupulously. A long-standing question answered.

Sukanya at Dubai. Simply superb.

The Marhaba Lounge ​open to Jet Premiere and First passengers, ​

is everything you want from a quick respite before a flight. Or between. Large, comfortable seating, a well-replenished buffet and a decent collection of spirits. At 3:30 am there is no shortage of enthusiastic imbibers, and there is that unique brotherhood that all men at a bar develop in a microsecond. ​Everyone is
the most use of …. free wifi​ at d
ecent speed.

You have to say goodbye to a night’s sleep when you are on a 5 am flight, so any airline must step up and mitigate the exhaustion and disorientation. Jet is as equal to the task as any other. Business Class passengers already enjoy priority boarding and coddling and I know that once on board, the flight is going to involve a little more (needed) pampering.

The plane boards efficiently. I’ve flown Business a lot and I’m always amused at the instant game of Economy Class passengers hurrying past Business Class and Business Class passengers resolutely looking everywhere but at the train of incoming passengers. Human psychology, like the inexplicable habit of people springing to their feet when the plane has stopped, fishing baggage from the overhead bin, as if any of this frenzied activity makes any difference. Boarding is effortless and swift and we are in the air in no time.

Leather. Lots of it. With a at-your-fingertips seat-button console.

​The seats are nice, with a different placement of seat-set buttons, on the edge of the seat. I haven’t quite seen this before, and it’s a nice touch. Cabin crew arrives with a collection of welcome drinks and I elect for a banana energy drink. It is verrrry good, what do they put in these besides the bananas? I must get a barrel to take away sometime.

Banana energy drink. Vroom.

Working hard, with class, a JET crew trait.

I notice that Jet cockpit crew have better inflight addresses than many. There is a Menezes, I think, who is the commander on this flight. Soft-spoken, smooth, crisp. Nice job.

I sleep. When I am briefly awake, breakfast service has already begin and a cabin crew materialises and asks if I’d like my breakfast now or later. Nice. I pick later and drift off and when I awake, the lady is right there with a refreshing hot towel. My breakfast arrives in a trice and its good enough for me to finish even though I’m just peckish. Score one for the menu.

Breakfast for the peckish passenger. Nicely done.

Well fed I am back to be asleep till we land. I woke up after the doors were opened, so it definitely was a smooth landing. Out of the aircraft and through the formalities was a breeze. Mumbai’s airport is a treat to come home to. This early in the morning I catch cleanup crew with a variety of equipment ministering to a variety of artwork in the galleries sprinkled throughout the airport.

I’m a Jet enthusiast and will elect for a Jet flight whenever possible. The Jet experience is easily a clear grade up as far as I am concerned. Jet crew are a clear notch better.

July 9, 2016

Test, Aaaah. Oops.

At brandarms we believe in staying abreast of all things digital. So we are fastidiously connected this way and that. I’ve just discovers that everything I post to facebook shows up on LinkedIn and twitter. I’ve also discovered that everything I post to blogger shows up on the brandarms blog. That’s the good part. Here’s the odd news: Here I am trying to post something and there it is showing up on a place that I hadn’t planned on.This is to check what shows up where. Cant be too careful.

May 16, 2016 The new song called Digital marketing.

I hear ‘digital marketing’ tossed around the marketing corridors blithely. Being as it is a catch all for that entire phenomenon of marketing that includes social media, SEO, SEM, Email marketing, Inbound marketing etc., it is now collecting its own ecosystems of pundits who know better than you about what to do, and how not to do it. Nothing wrong in that.

My beef is that it is now viewed, and practiced, by marketing as something you do "to" a customer. (I hate the word "consumer", but that’s another blog post. Maybe my very next one.)

I tried to explain to my newfound friend that like in all marketing (as in life, which is another blog post there) there are a variety of investors that trot out a variety of statistics to build a variety of cases for digital marketing, and for its individual components.

Then there is the fact that only about 1/4th of India is connected to the net. Only about 1/4th of them have true broadband.

And what clout do these 400 million people hold? India is the second largest country on facebook, with 65,635,600 profiles, and facebook itself is the third largest country in the world, after China and India.

Just to confuse you a little more, the third and fourth largest countries on facebook are Brazil and Indonesia.

Brazil has 60,487,400 profiles with a population of 200 million people. That is over 30%! Less than 1/11th of Indians are on facebook! Explain that!

The digital universe has amassed a formidable resume.

The entire Arab Spring, which brought 4 rock-solid dictatorships crashing through the ground, is now understood to be the handiwork of the twitter platform.

Occupy Wall Street was incubated with an email from Canada.

Barack Obama was the first US presidential aspirant to truly harness the power of digital (as it was in 2007). So profoundly effective was his digital campaign that he won the accolade of Marketer of the Year in his very first year as President.

Long before Digital Marketing became the buzz it is today, in January 2001, 15 years ago, Joseph Estrada, President of the Philippines, was forced to resign after a massive demonstration against him in Manila, and the crowd that descended on the Philippine Presidential Palace had been summoned as a result of over 20 million smses sent out by the populace.

I’d like to propose that these are the ‘best learnings’ of Digital marketing. There is a valid place for monitoring competition and ‘reputation management’, but as in life, the tsunamis of digital victory are in the domain of the Obamas, the Philippine people, the Arab protestors, to name a few.

Note that all these massive chapters in the book of digital’s power also ‘sold’ a ‘brand’, be it Obama or ‘liberty’,

We would be well-served to study these, and learn something, and not just keep doing tricks to consumers in the name of marketing.

May 16, 2016

What is the cost of the saving?

As it appears, the cost of installing a safety system that transmits LIVE data from an airborne plane is a mere US$100,000. It is a one time cost. It amounts to somewhere around 1% of the cost of an A320. Maybe 5% of the cost of a 777.

Given the robust noises the aviation industry makes about the safety of flight (and all of the facts are absolutely true) you would think that the airlines would have jumped at this opportunity and installed the marvel?

The technology has been around for more than 3 years, and only one regional Canadian airline has installed it in its aircraft.

Besides the cost, the other reason is that planes simply don’t disappear so often. The first Malaysian Airlines plane’s reason for vanishing is unknown, the second was shot down and the Air Asia plane flew afoul of a severe tropical thunderstorm.

The one common thing about the first and third loss is the search. Had the aircraft been fitted with this system, the search would have been reduced to a simple operation.

December 30, 2014

Multiply that by Rs.61.40 :)

December 18, 2014

Nuthing but perfection.

December 10, 2014

13 November, 2014 11:51

November 13, 2014

Thus speaks your consumer.

November 9, 2014

The old order passeth ….

November 2, 2014